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I am the reborn of Buddha.

Buddha and Maitreya(next Buddha), two souls are in my body.

According to one of the most strong power - clairvoyant woman,Teacher Y・M who can see previous life exactly has concluded that my previous life was Buddha who taught original Buddhism.
And she has concluded that Buddha and Maitreya(next Buddha), two souls are in my body, and my guardian angel is unicorn.
Maitreya(next Buddha)'s main power is changing the future of society.Now I am trying to change the future of the earth.

I have some curing power.

I was told by the greatest huge power clairvoyant woman who can see the future and the past up to the previous life exactly that my previous life was Buddha who taught original Buddhism and I am the reborn of Buddha.

I have some mysterious miracle curing power. I have cured some heavy sick ladies like heavy fever with heavy headache and heavy stomachache and heavy throat-ache and heavy nausea, and heavy dizziness and heavy tiredness and heavy ear ringing by my mysterious miracle curing power in 20 minutes almost completely until now.

It is impossible to solve my mysterious miracle curing power by medical science at all.

When you catch heavy some viral cold I can treat you in 20 minutes almost completely by my mysterious miracle curing power in the name of Jesus.

When I treat sick ladies I always put my spirit curing power into the diseased part from my palm.

(I have no experience to treat man.)

I have gotten American TV News Stations 15staffs' wonderful replies.

It is the replies to this main page. >>

Among them,

・1 Vice President & General Manager
・2 Main anchors
・2 Co-anchors
・1 Co-host
・4 Meteorologists
・1 Weather forecaster
・4 Reporters

(Because these replies are all staffs' private
letters to me personal, I cannot announce their name.)

1.One Main anchor(man)
Dear Katsuki,
Very thoughtful and thought provoking message. I'll see what we can do.
Keep up the good work.

2.One Reporter(man)
Dear Mr. Uehara,
Thank you for your thoughtful note. I only wish I had the time within the constraints of TV News to do such a story. I wish you the very best in your important endeavours.


3.He became a Co-anchor already
Thanks. I agree with you and appreciate some of the examples you provided. I'm not allowed to give my opinions on air. However, I pray that continues to bless you and your mind.

4.One Vice President & General Manager(man)
Appreciate the feedback. Will certainly share with our news team.

5.One Main anchor(lady)
Thank you so much for writing and for caring for Mother Earth!!!! We do need to care for our planet. We need to care for each other. I wonder when or if we will ever learn. I appreciate you sharing with me.

6.One Co-anchor(lady)
Thanks so much for the email! Unfortunately, I don't get to decide who comes on our shows of what topics we cover. However, I will pass along your email to the producers. If they can find a hook(something happening locally, in the near future) they're likely to be more infested.
Good Luck!
Thanks again for the email....

7.One Chief Meteorologist(man)
Thanks for your email.
You have some. good point about deforestation. I will pass along your ideas.

8.One Meteorologist(man)
I have forwarded them to our producers.
Thanks for the email.

9.One Meteorologist(lady)
I will see what I can do. Thank you for your persistent work and beliefs.
My best,

10.One Meteorologist(man)
In order to stop global warming, it must start. And it must be our fault it's starting. I have seen zero evidence that our actions are causing the globe to warm. As a matter of fact, Plants have been proven to THRIVE in CO2 rich environments. As with everything, this too shall pass. Nature, including us, is cyclical. Thank you for the email.

11.One Reporter(lady)
Thanks for your email. As a local news reporter I don't cover this topic. I will keep the info in mind.

12.One Weather forecaster(man)
Thanks for the note .... I don't get enough time on the air for this sort of thing, but I'll pass it along to the news people. Thanks.

13.One Co-host(lady)
Thank you for sharing this information with us. I will pass this along to our producers. Have a great day!

14.One Reporter(lady)
Thank you for writing.
I will forward to my bosses to see if there is anything we can do.
Thank you for writing.

15.One Reporter(lady)
Thanks for sharing! I will pass it along to the producers.

The advertisement was published in the Japanese newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".

In order to stop global warming truly we must stop the destruction of the forests that cover the Earth. The forests act as the "life-giving lungs",the most important biological life system of the Earth. So destroying the forests is none other than destruction of the Earth itself. Because the forests are the "Life Lungs of the Earth".
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It is commonly known that forests absorb the Earth's carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. This oxygen is in turn provided to give life to both humans and animals.
This is the most important biological life system that God has created on this Earth. The destruction of the forests is the destruction of this most important biological life system, and this destruction is none other than the destruction of the Earth. Destruction of the forests is in defiance of God.

When we destroy the Earth's lungs, which are the most important biological life system of the Earth, we in the process severely reduce the Earth's ability to process carbon dioxide. As a result, it does not matter how much of an effort we make to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it is inevitable that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere will continue to increase. Even an elementary school child can understand such reasoning.

Is it only I who fears to think about what lies ahead when intellectuals from each of the world's countries gather at the United Nations to conduct meetings on putting a stop to global warming, and no one mentions the above reasoning that an elementary school child can easily understand?
Who then can save this planet? Is there no way to save the Earth?
Before anything else, the many people in the lumber industry must be assisted in assuring their livelihood. They are working to provide a living for their families. No progress will be made towards preventing global warming if the livelihoods of those in the lumber industry are not assured. Naturally these workers would fiercely defend the livelihoods of their own families.

It would be absolutely necessary to provide funds for constructing factories to manufacture building materials of houses to replace wood products, funds for maintaining the livelihoods of the workers at an acceptable level while then are retrained to operate these factories, and funds for sufficiently maintaining the livelihoods of workers during their transition to a new job when they opt for a different vocation.

In the case of Japan it would make sense first provide a sufficient safety net for these lumber industry workers, by taking some funds from the vast highway construction budget.
At this juncture any thinking person can see that protecting the Earth must be made a greater priority than constructing new roads.
If the Japanese government is not willing to protect the Earth then the government is in the same class as other very foolish people.

The Earth was created by God and belongs to God. The creation was perfect. However, if we continue to destroy the forests,the life-giving lungs and the most important biological life system of the Earth, inevitably we will transform the Earth into a dead planet where humans and animals cannot live. This is something understood by even an elementary school child.

Do you think that God will silently watch as humans continue to destroy the forests, the life-giving lungs of the Earth, and make the Earth into a dead planet where humans and animals cannot live? If it were you acting in the place of God, how would you act? Wouldn't you, acting in the place of God, remove those who most destroy the forests of the Earth, in order to save the Earth? God too will act in the same manner. There is nothing God can do but cause a great earthquake to sink places like the Japanese Archipelago and coastal California into the sea, because these regions have been the most responsible for the destruction of the Earth's forests by building so many homes using wood.
Every year, an earth forests area representing half of the total Japan area continues to be destroyed in the earth forests!

Edgar Cayce predicted that the Japanese Archipelago and coastal California would sink into the sea in seventy or eighty years.
Anyone can see that this is the time limit for us to protect the life of the Earth, for the destruction of an earth forests area representing half of the total Japan area continues every year.

The Japanese Archipelago consists of the most beautiful islands on Earth. Nowhere else in the world are there islands possessing such great beauty. Your heart must ache to the point of breaking as you realize that these islands, the most beautiful in the world, must sink to the bottom of the sea. God too feels the same way as you do.

If we decisively act to stop the destruction of the forests, the life-giving lungs of the Earth, then of course the Japanese Archipelago, the most beautiful islands on Earth, will continue for eternity. Even as you cannot wait forever, God too cannot wait forever. We must start to act without wasting a moment.

Construction of homes using wooden materials must be stopped immediately. In the place of wooden materials we can switch to construction of homes using building materials such as lightweight steel frames, lightweight cement and other materials made from cement. It should be noted that aluminum houses also are very livable.

The remaining problem is paper. Bioscience technology can already produce products equivalent to textile fibers and plastic using crops such as soy beans and corns. If such technology is allowed to advance further the day is not far when an equivalent to paper can be produced. Also the day is near when an equivalent to lumber will be produced.

Japan and the United States, the countries on the leading edge of bioscience technology, must without delay continue the research to produce equivalents to paper and lumber, using crops such as soy beans and corns.
This is the responsibility of countries having this leading-edge technology, so that the life of the Earth can be protected.

It goes without saying that the wooden disposable chopsticks that come with the prepared meals in Japanese convenience stores must be replaced immediately with plastic chopsticks.

Note that high-quality paper is now produced using the fibers of banana branch stalks. Presently these branch stalks are only thrown away after the banana harvest.

We must keep in mind that the tropical rain forests have been reduced by half in the last thirty years.

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